5 Reasons Users Are Looking At Your Google My Business Listing

What are people looking for? That’s probably the number one question you need to keep in mind when it comes to managing your Google My Business (GMB) listing. If you know what users are looking for, how they found you, and what converts them, then you have all the information you need to drastically improve your entire digital footprint. So, what exactly is the user’s intent when looking for a business on Google?

1. Basic Information
This is probably the most obvious one. The main reason most people look for a business on Google is to get some information about them. This can range from amenities to parking details, and even just looking up the phone number or hours. It’s critical you include all of this information in your GMB listing to save people time. If they can easily access all of the information, it’s more likely you’ll have their business.

2. Immediate Need
Oftentimes, people are looking for a business on Google to fill an immediate need. This can include everything from home technical services like plumbing and electrical work or trying to find a place nearby for lunch. People looking to fill an immediate need are an example of pull marketing. They’re already out there looking and it’s your job to pull them into your business. Again, making sure your GMB listing is accurate, up-to-date, and concise will make it that much easier to convert the people already looking for the types of services you offer.

3. Advanced Research
Another frequent user intent for searches is doing advanced research. This is really common when people are visiting a new location for business or pleasure. Typically, people want to plan where they’re going to stay, what restaurants they’re going to try, and what types of activities are in the area. Searches like this are also used to budget ahead of time. It’s very important to have your services and products listed on Google along with up-to-date pricing. For example, a restaurant should never have an outdated menu with inaccurate prices online or they risk upsetting people who did research ahead of time. It’s also important to list out parking options and whether or not potential customers should call ahead to make reservations. All of this information can be included in your GMB listing.

4. Comparing Options
Going hand-in-hand with advanced research and filling an immediate need is comparing options. You’ll notice if you search your businesses products or services on Google, you’ll get the top 3 listings in Google Maps at the top of the page. These are the businesses you’ll be compared against when people are trying to fill a need. If you have a more robust and detailed GMB listing, you’ll easily edge out the competition just because of the additional information. People are less likely to trust an unknown factor and the more they know about a business, the more likely they are to become a customer.

5. Directions
Easily one of the most useful features of your GMB listing is assisting customers with directions to your business. However, this goes beyond just listing a street address. It’s important to list out additional details for someone who’s unfamiliar with the area. Is there street parking or a parking lot? Do you have an exterior entrance or are you located inside a building? Questions like these make people nervous and the more details you provide, the easier you make it for customers to come into your business. Additionally, we highly recommend including an exterior shot of the building you’re in so people know what they’re trying to find. Additional pictures of your front door and parking lot entrance are also incredibly helpful for people who may not know the area.

Overall, detail is key when it comes to your GMB listing. Providing all of this information upfront is a good way to convert people no matter what their initial search intent may be. It’s important to keep your listing as accurate and robust as possible, and put yourself in your customer’s shoes so you can answer the types of questions they might have when they’re searching on Google.

ASAPmaps was born from the offices of Epic Web Studios, a Certified Google Partner that started as a small business in Erie, PA, who has 10+ years of experience in search engine optimization. We understand the journey of transforming from a small business with a single client to a full-service digital marketing firm. Our mission is to cement the foundation of sustainable economic growth by helping small businesses just like us. Learn more at ASAPmaps.com.

Keefer Kopco is a Digital Media Strategist for Epic Web Studiosand ASAPmaps. He prides himself as a review guru and will respond to as many as three dozen reviews per day for various clients. You can learn more about Keefer here

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