Benefits of Call Tracking in Google My Business

One of the largest disconnects between online marketing efforts and businesses is phone calls. Like many traditional marketing avenues, it can be hard to track exactly what caused someone to call a business; unless you set up proper call tracking. Call tracking is exactly what is sounds like. It helps bridge the gaps between your online analytics and real-time business conversions. Here are some of the benefits of call tracking:

1. Differentiate Paid and Organic Results

One of the largest benefits is segmenting your calls so you can understand which calls are coming in through paid advertising and which calls are coming in through organic search engine results. This can be taken even further if you setup different call tracking numbers with each specific ad or post that are active.

2. Demonstrate Valuable Markets

Having someone click on an ad or post you put up is great, but if those people don’t actually convert then what’s the point? Call tracking can help you identify which efforts are leading to the highest conversion, and where you should focus your time and money.

3. Accurate Conversion Rate

If you’re a business that relies on phone calls for any amount of business, then you’re currently operating with an inaccurate conversion rate. Call tracking will help you flush it out and give you a much better idea of how well your online marketing efforts are working.

4. Mobile Usage Trends

In the modern era, most people are using the internet from their mobile device. Already being on a mobile device increases the likelihood of a user calling directly from a SERP. With proper call tracking you’ll be able to track when, where, and how these calls are actually happening.

Ultimately, call tracking is just another set of data that will more precisely outline the results of all your online activity. Without it, you’re most likely using inaccurate data to make your business decision and potentially missing out on a stronger ROI.

So, how do you get started? Call Tracking is one of the many beneficial features provided by ASAPmaps. Join ASAPmaps and start meeting your business goals with call tracking and much more.

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