Google My Business: best practices when attaching images to posts

When it comes to attaching images on Google Posts, you can’t just use any image. There are guidelines and requirements for these images that may alter your photo in ways you do not like if not followed. Find out everything you need to know about attaching images to Google Posts.

What size should my Google Post image be?

Google has pretty strict regulations on image sizes, and if the images do not match the regulations, it may be cropped in a way that is not pleasing to the eye. Follow these sizes and requirements and you will be all set to go:

  • Image size should be no smaller than 720 pixels wide or 540 pixels tall

How do I optimize a Google Post image?

Image optimization is normally where people get stuck. Anybody can optimize content, but what about images? Follow these tips on optimizing your images both on and off Google Posts:

  • Make sure the name of the image is descriptive, yet simple:

What services will help me create, schedule, and optimize Google Posts?

While there are many services you can find to schedule Google Posts, ASAPmaps is the best service on the market that will create and optimize your content as well as schedule posts. In addition to that, our experts at ASAPmaps can also handle your reviews, call tracking, messaging, and more, all included in your subscription! Click here to get started.

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