What’s ASAPmaps?

The first of its kind, ASAPmaps is a low-cost business listing optimization tool designed to help businesses get discovered online by leveraging local search via the Google My Business platform.

Why should I use Google My Business?

50% of businesses haven’t even claimed their profile, yet nearly 1/2 of all mobile searches are related to a location. Since Google Maps listings are now in the #1 spot above organic listings, small businesses have tremendous power in local search and we want to help them discover this unique opportunity.

David Hunter, one of the partners in the company, says “Google My Business is quite possibly the most important, yet overlooked tool a business can use to grow online. ASAPmaps connects directly to Google Business listings and saves countless hours of online marketing efforts.”

This business listing optimization tool is a time saver for all businesses, but it is especially so for multi-location businesses, as it is very expensive and time consuming to manage multiple locations individually without the help of ASAPmaps.

How does it work?

After signing up, all you have to do is add ASAPmaps as a manager to your Google My Business account, and we’ll take care of everything else.

ASAPmaps connects to your business’s Google My Business listing to automatically update posts and photos to your Google business listing every single week.

  1. First, we locate and verify your business listing
  2. Next, we set benchmarks to prove ROI
  3. After that, we pack it full of details about your business
  4. Then we post lots of highly optimized and geotagged photos
  5. And get your listings ready for customer engagement
  6. Then we’ll start measuring improvements
  7. Finally, we send reports focused on your ROI

What else does it do?

  • Geotag & post new photos
  • Add metadata to all content
  • Track all phone calls
  • Add relevant keywords to your listings
  • Create new backlinks to your content
  • Geotag & post new photos
  • Add metadata to all content
  • Track all phone calls
  • Add relevant keywords to your listings
  • Create new backlinks to your content
  • Manage all “Suggested Updates”
  • Monitor listing health
  • Track listing growth & benchmark for ROI
  • Send you an ROI report (monthly)
  • Monitor and update business hours

How will my business benefit from using it?

ASAPmaps is about more than helping local businesses get online. It’s about empowering small businesses all over the country to stand out amongst the crowd so they can have an equal opportunity to succeed. It’s about improving economic development one step at a time so that both small towns and large cities have a strong backbone to lean on.

What is the ultimate goal of ASAPmaps?

We believe in the power of small business and we believe small business to be a core part of the mantle that leads our economy in a new direction. Often times, small businesses are underestimated but there’s nothing small about the impact they have on our economy. We know that when small businesses are healthy and prosperous, the community-at-large benefits and prospers, too. That’s why we’re devoted to empowering small businesses to grow and thrive in local search by helping them get more leads and new customers with ASAPmaps.

ASAPmaps was born from the offices of Epic Web Studios, a Certified Google Partner that started as a small business in Erie, PA, who has 10+ years of experience in search engine optimization. We understand the journey of transforming from a small business with a single client to a full-service digital marketing firm. Our mission is to cement the foundation of sustainable economic growth by helping small businesses just like us. Learn more at ASAPmaps.com.

Improve your business listings, ASAP.

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