The Basics of Google Maps Marketing

Struggling for attention in the crowded online marketplace? Google Maps marketing may be the best thing you can do for your company. Letting Google know that your business exists is a great start to improving your visibility on the web. But by leveraging Google Maps marketing and boosting your by Google Maps ranking, you can put yourself in position to accelerate the growth of your enterprise.

The Basics of Google Maps Marketing | ASAPmaps

The Importance of Google Maps

Since Google accounts for nearly 88% of all mobile searches, having a listing on Google Maps is a must. Google Maps marketing makes it easy for customers to find you even when they are not specifically looking for your business, but instead, your industry or services. If utilized correctly, this is essentially a free way to advertise!

Getting Your Business on Google Maps

In order to get your business to show up on Google Maps, you first need to add and verify your company on Google My Business (GMB). Getting your listing set up on GMB can be tedious, but its effect on your search visibility makes it all worth it.

Google 3-Pack in Local Search Results | ASAPmaps
Google 3-Pack in Local Search Results | ASAPmaps

Paid Ads vs. Organic Google Maps Listings

Organic traffic from Google can take more time than one is willing to wait for. This is when business owners turn to paid advertisements while waiting for their organic efforts to kick in. Paid ads appear at the very top of Google Maps rankings and can be distinguished from organic results with an icon that reads “Ad” next to the rating of the company, as shown below.

Google Maps Advertisement | ASAPmaps
Google Maps Advertisement | ASAPmaps

Ranking on Google Maps

Ranking on Google Maps is a competitive concept. Every local entrepreneur wants to be the first link that appears when a user makes a search for an item, business, or service in their area. That is why it is critical to show Google that you are actively engaging with customers online. We know it can be time-consuming, which is why we created ASAPmaps. Take the stress of Google Maps marketing off your plate and let us handle it! Get started today to see what ASAPmaps can do for your business.

Improve your business listings, ASAP.

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